Winter Pruning In Full Swing

January 30th, 2012

As January moves into February, winter pruning is in full swing at English Oak. The weather is wonderfully mild, particularly when compared with last winters snow storms. Its a pleasure to work in the vineyard on crisp sunny mornings like the one shown in the pictures below.

This winter we are pruning our Pinot varieties first and leaving our Chardonnay vines until the end. The picture below shows the end of the Pinot pruning on the south facing slope, with the not yet pruned Chardonnay vines in the background.

We have in fact pruned two rows of Chardonnay, in order that we can compare these with the remaining Chardonnay rows for evidence of earlier bud burst, differentiated growth and yield etc. Matthew, who joined us as a vineyard apprentice this year, is seen below pulling out the vine canopy that has been pre pruned.

The prunings are placed in alternate rows and a departure from the past this year, we are mulching the prunings in the rows, where in previous years they have been laboriously removed and set aside for burning.

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