Vineyard Year – Terroir

March 19th, 2018

Fertile soil, a south coast climate of generally mild winters, regular annual rainfall, warm summer days and beautiful mild autumn evenings combine to create an ideal recipe for maturing the high quality grapes that in turn make superb Sparkling Wine. First we chose the perfect spot to plant in 2007 and then to suit our vineyards particular soil conditions, we carefully selected ideal rootstocks onto which the chosen clones of each variety were carefully grafted in France ahead of planting here in Dorset. Three types of vine are planted for Sparkling Wine, Pinot Noir 40% and Pinot Meunier 20%, whose black grapes both produce a white juice which is blended in exactly the right proportion with the third variety, Chardonnay 40%, to produce our Cuvee and Rose Sparkling Wines. The Chardonnay from the best aspect of our vineyard, is reserved exclusively for the production of our delightful San Gabriel Blanc De Blanc – Chardonnay only brand. Our vines are planted with a distance of 1.2m between the vines and 2.3m between individual rows to ensure perfect ventilation and optimum aspect of the leaf canopy to the sun. As a rule it takes 10cm squared of canopy to ripen every gramme of fruit on the vine and, the entire yield of one of our vines is required to make each bottle of English Oak Sparkling Wine.

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