Vineyard Year – Bud Burst

March 19th, 2018

Spring arrives in the English countryside and in the vineyard, new growth starts to appear. As the first buds begin to burst from the carefully selected canes, work in the vineyard has turned to feeding the vines, by first analysing the surrounding soil and applying feeds based on ongoing advice from qualified specialist consultants. These agronomy reports break down and measure the soils elements, providing guidance on appropriate fertilisation programmes for the year ahead. We also begin taking the first steps in a year long battle to control nature’s determination to produce weeds, while at the same time maintaining due care of the soil and the surrounding environment.

The days are still too short for the now increasingly long list of vineyard jobs and high up our ‘To Do’ list is the back breaking task of Bud Rubbing, in which numerous unwelcome buds that spring out of the trunk of every vine – that’s 23,000 vines- have to be rubbed off by hand. We are busy and distracted, but this is never the less a critical and worrying period for the vineyard owner, with one eye constantly on the weather forecast and vineyard thermometer. An early frost now, would do incalculable damage to this year’s crop and significantly reduce the harvest yield, thereby diminishing the number of bottles available to satisfy client demand two seasons from now.

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