Vineyard Year – Ageing

March 19th, 2018

Patience. The vineyard owner can only wait and focus on this years crop. In the cellar the bottles are said to be laying on the lees, as the yeast that was incorporated into the still wine, transforms the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, increasing the pressure inside the bottle to 6kg/cm2 and alcohol content by 1.2° to 1.3°. As the yeast multiplies, it creating a deposit, which will later be removed in process called Disgorging. As time passes, progressively more of the yeast bursts and turns into lees, which very slowly enrich and provide the wine with it’s enriched aromas, flavours and finesse in its sparkle. As it is delicately lifted and held up to the light for inspection, the lees can be seen collecting on the side of a bottle and the temptation to open and taste is almost irresistible.

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