Sun, Boats, Cars & Sparkling Wine

March 17th, 2014

English Oak was the chosen Sparkling Wine offered to specially invited guests, who attended last weekends Sunseeker 2014 Boat Show in Poole. Guests who enjoyed tours of the “Wow” Sunseeker range on display in beautiful near summer sunshine, also had an opportunity to refresh with all three English Oak Sparkling wines. Attendance was excellent with very positive feedback and the usual spread of preferences between Engelmann, Chinkapin and San Gabriel. Inevitably, in light of the lovely weather, the Rose probably just had it on the day.

Our new BMW i3 held pride of place at the entrance, pointing its way to the future of motoring, alongside an equally impressive array of Porches from 1965 to 2014. Fabulous Boats, Impressive Cars, Delicious Sparkling Wine and Hot summer sunshine – truly a perfect weekend!


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