Suits Us Nicely!

September 30th, 2011

A job well done was just one of many causes for celebration at the offices of 3 Men and a Suit this week. Not only were we there to celebrate the launch of our 2009 vintage and new label design, with a studio photo shoot of the fully dressed 2009 bottles; the occasion also marked this successful design studios 21st birthday and a 21 years association between the proprietors of both companies.

The photo shoot of the real stars of the show, our 2009 vintage bottles, was duly concluded, following which all staff enjoyed a bottle of our Chinkapin Rose, before Andrew and Brook Fabian who designed the striking look of our bottles, with much help from Matt Barge and constructive interference from Sarah it should be noted, were bundled onto the street for a Vox Pop style photo shoot, while overtly fondling three lovelies from Poole as you can see below. Lovely jubbly!


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