Pre-Release 2009 Vintage Arrives

June 27th, 2011

Excitement abounds at English Oak as three bottles of our 2009 vintage arrive from the winery for final sign-off. The Cuvee, Rose and Blanc de Blancs samples shown below had recently completed the Riddle and Disgorge process described in the, Our Vineyard Year section, on the Home page of this site and were now ready for final tasting and approval at the vineyard. We are delighted to report that all three wines are outstanding, a fact confirmed by market sampling carried out at the premises of three local wine merchants.

Maillard Reaction, the marrying of the dosage to the fermented sparkling wine, is now the final stage in the process of creating exceptional wines. The dosage sugars added by the winemaker, in precisely the right quantity after disgorging, react with the amino acids within the fermented wine, augmenting the lively young fruitiness of the wine, to bring forward those additional toasted, biscuit aromas which are so recognisable in a fine, finished sparkling wine.

The wine is sometimes described as shocked at this stage and needs a little extra resting time to recover from all the excitement of its final passage from its restful second fermentation in the darkness of the cellar. Its a living thing, whose character is changing in preparation for taking its pride of place on the wine merchants shelf. Its hard not to sound a little like excited parents as the fruits of three years of hard work in the vineyard and winery comes to a perfect conclusion.

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