Kingston Maurward Visit

June 9th, 2011

An enthusiastic team of students from the Centre for Foundation Studies at Kingston Maurward College were busy helping out in the vineyard this week. Studying horticulture in their third year, the team lead by Nicky Porter, spent time with us, removing water shoots and brittle rabbit guards from the vines in the lower vineyard.

Part of the colleges commitment to providing students with practical experience of horticulture in a commercial environment, the students obvious skill, energy and enthusiasm also provides us with many welcome extra pairs of hands, during one of the busiest times in the vineyard.

Removing water shoots, which grow up the length of the vines trunk, is an essential part of canopy management at this time of year, since unwanted water shoots will have the effect of taking energy away from those growing in the main fruiting area while at the same time causing overcrowding which reduces sunlight penetration and airflow into a crucial area of the canopy.

This in turn will adversely effect flowering and the development of a strong, full canopy of leaves in the desired area and ultimately restrict ripening of the grapes later in the year.

Thanks to the team from Kingston Maurward – a job well done!

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