Harvest dates set 13th and 16th Oct

October 6th, 2010

After a lot of worry about high acidity levels and patchy ripening, a weather forecast that looks encouraging means there is every chance that the grapes willripening nicely. Accordingly we have set harvest dates of Wednesday 13th for the Pinot and Saturday the 16th Chardonnay. Final preparations have gone into full swing. We continue to carry out a ‘green harvest’ of grape bunches that are unlikely to ripen. This is an important measure designed to hance the quality of our final crop, since it allows the vine to put all of its ripening energy into the best bunches and at the same time removes potentially lower quality berries from the press. So called shoulder bunches are also separated from the main bunch and discarded in this process, with 25 – 30 Kg of crop removed from each row.

At the same time, Geoff kindly helps out by pressure washing hundreds of picking crates, to ensure no contamination of the precious crop occurs during picking and transport. We believe it’s attention to small details that make the difference between good and outstanding, so no stone is left unturned. The crates are stored safely in a barn after rinsing and transferred to the vineyard on the morning of harvest to ensure that they are dry and in optimum condition to receive the crop.

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