Harvest 2010

November 3rd, 2010

A truly bumper harvest this year, with five times last years crop safely collected and in the winery. Unusually, we harvested our Chardonnay grapes first and the Pinot varieties later this year. The Chardonnay ripened as normal, but the Pinot grapes needed longer on the vine to achieve their desired sugars and acidity. As is common with small family businesses like ours, a successful harvest is only possible thanks to the generous turnout of friends, family and willing volunteers, who selflessly put in the extra hours required this year to ensure we gathered in all of the extra crop. Our sincere thanks to you all! The pictures below provide just a sample of the process of picking, transport and unloading into the winery that was an incredible harvest 2010.

Two days before our final harvest date, frost descended on the vineyard. Though the remaining grapes were unharmed, the picture below shows the immediate effect on the vine leaves, turning avenues that were previously green and lush, into the golden browns that characterise the onset of autumn. A brief rest for the vineyard workers is now allowed, before it’s back to pruning in readiness for vintage 2011 and the whole cycle begins again…….

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