First signs of flowering

June 23rd, 2011

Although we tend to keep a nervous eye on the weather most of the time, the month of June is particularly tense, as this is the month when our vines flower and set their fruit. This will have a significant bearing on the size and quality of this years crop, with too much rain or wind potentially disrupting that all important pollonisation and fertilisation.

Evidence that flowering has begun is clear in the vineyard this morning, though the casual visitor would struggle to notice, since you need to be pretty close to see the tiny yellow petals of the vines delicate bloom.

Our Chardonnay vines flower first, as you can see in the picture below, with the Pinot varieties lagging a little behind, so we dont bother to check them for telltale signs just yet.

Once the vine has flowered successfully, pollination and fertilisation can take place. The vines are self pollinating, so the bees which we now keep on the vineyard dont actually play much of a role.

Bad weather can be devastating however, with excessive rain leading to uneven pollonation, which in turn will lead to uneven fruit clusters and much reduced yield. We watch the weather forecast and hope for a much needed smooth transition to fruit set. Just at the moment its raining and hard!

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