Canopy Management

July 5th, 2010

Just when we’re sure life can’t get any busier, the whole vineyard needs a lot more tucking in. At this stage of the growing cycle, the shoots are elongating almost before your eyes, giving the vineyard a hairy and unkempt appearance and filling the lanes with foliage. Before tucking in the lanes look like this:

Canopy Management includes Pruning and Positioning with the very manual process of ‘Tucking-in’, an essential part of Positioning. Tucking-in ensures that the shoots are arranged efficiently in the trellising and by so doing, clears the lanes for access when the tractor needs to pass through for spraying, mowing etc, supporting the vises to prevent wind damage, organises the shoots to optimise photosynthesis and makes it possible to carry out the next stage of the process – leaf stripping. More on that subject in a few weeks time! In the picture below, the row on the left has been tucked-in, while the row on the right is waiting its turn:

Eventually the lanes are tidy and the next round of spraying can commence as seen in today’s pictures below:

The fruit is developing on the lower nodes of each vine. We are now looking to establish a meter of canopy above this to catch the suns rays and provide the energy required for the fruit to develop, a lot like natural solar panels.

Finally, it shouldn’t go unannounced that the vineyard has a new, second pest control specialist.

Bonnie, that’s her on the right, joins Hamish in chasing down the rabbits and deer that invade our vineyard from time to time. Obviously, she will be more scary and effective after she has grown a little!

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