Bountiful Crop

August 25th, 2010

As August draws to a close, so does the process of stripping the leaves from around the fruit on the eastern side of the rows, which catch the morning sun. This exposes the ripening grape berries to the optimum sunshine and at the same time ensures excellent ventilation to ward off any potential disease. By stripping the leaves on the morning side so that we can see through about two rows, we avoid any risk of scalding the skins, which might occur on the afternoon side, where the suns rays are a little more fierce. As the leaves were removed to reveal the developing grapes beneath, we were delighted to discover that we have an excellent crop, with plenty of clean and healthy bunches as can be seen in the pictures below. A bunch count indicates that we have approximately 20 per vine, which is a significant increase on last years crop, due in part to our move to double Guyot for the first time this year and the continued development of the young vines. At the same time we continue to tuck-in and tidy the canopy as we go, with ongoing pruning of the shoots which bolt upward between the top wires of the trellis. Meanwhile we search and search for the first signs of the next growth stage – Veraison……

The vineyard basking in warm summer sunshine:

Chardonnay crop revealed:

Pinot Noir crop in the morning sun:

Pinot Meunier looks good too!

and in close up:

Meanwhile, the new vineyard planted in 2009 continues to develop well, though there is some evidence of stress caused by June and July’s hot and dry weather which will have presented a challenge to the new and forming root structure beneath. Overall we are delighted with its progress however and are optimistic that it will deliver an excellent first crop in 2011.

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