September 21st, 2010

As harvest approaches, the inevitable theft of our valuable crop has begun! The picture below shows the damage that birds can do to a bunch of grapes, causing much anguish to the proud vineyard owner who is nursing each cherished bunch toward the finishing post.

Our response, is a multi layered barrage of human ingenuity. The first thing we do is launch our Helikite. An ingenious device, the Helikite, a helium balloon atop a kite, tricks the birds into thinking its a bird of prey hovering over the vineyard. As it sways to and fro, the birds natural fear instinct causes them to move away from the vineyard to a safer location.

Small birds tend to dart out of the hedgerows surrounding each vineyard, so we screen the end of each row with a net. This forces any bird to take the added risk of flying up and over the barrier right into the hands of the predatory Helikite hovering above. Our experience if that few take the risk.

Finally, we station bird scarers strategically to discourage birds from entering the vineyard through the sides of the outer rows.

The effect of all of this? Watch this space and we’ll give you an update when we know ourselves how successful we have been in protecting this years crop!

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