A Hard Winter!

January 1st, 2011

After what had been a truly spectacular and successful year for us at English Oak Vineyard, winter 2010 has been unusually harsh weather wise, with deep snow covering the vineyard and only the posts and now dormant vines visible to the visitor. The vines are not troubled by this however. Following last autumns harvest they continued their normal process of photosynthesis, creating carbohydrate reserves which were stored in the vine’s roots and trunk in readiness for the new season. When the right level had been stored away, leaf fall occurred around November and at that point the vine entered a dormant state, in which it readily takes everything our English winter throws at it. Having enjoyed a well earned rest ourselves, it’s time to restart the annual cycle of vineyard activity, as we return to work between the rows, wrapped up well against the cold, to begin the arduous task of winter pruning, excited at the prospect of our first vintage from those second generation vines which we planted back in spring 2009. More news on progress with pruning next time. For now it only remains for us to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year and to include some seasonal images of winter 2010 at English Oak Vineyard.

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