2009 Vintage Bottling

July 30th, 2010

We are delighted to report that the 2009 vintage is safely bottled and has now begun it’s second fermentation, quietly resting in the perfectly controlled environment of the winery cellar. We can also report that early tasting of the 2009 vintage confirms what we had all hoped; it promises to be exceptional! The photographs below give a sense of the occasion, though sadly the distinctive and deafening sound of so many bottles jostling for position along the line, cannot be reproduced here. Yeast has been added to what is at this stage a clean, clear refreshing but largely undeveloped still wine. The magic that is the creation of sparkling wine from the base still wine is yet to occur of course, thanks to the reaction of the yeast during the additional second fermentation stage. The first picture below, shows how a pump is used to transfer the wine from the fermentation tank that has been its home for almost a year, to the waiting bottling plant. Empty bottles are loaded at one end by a busy team of workers. Each bottle moves along the line in turn, is filled, capped and then transferred carefully by hand into stillages (wire crates), each one holding 500 bottles. These are then moved with equal care, to their appointed resting position in the cellar to begin a slow second fermentation, during which the sparkle will develop, along with the distinctive characteristics of the wine.

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