2009 Archive – Picking

October 15th, 2009

A series of hectic days draw to a close. The wonderful 2009 crop is safely harvested, pressed and in tank. The picture below shows just some of the team involved in the task and we say a big thank you to everyone involved. Each picking day started at dawn, with last minute preparations so synonymous with a big event, top of the agenda. The picking baskets were strategically distributed and trestle tables of refreshments prepared just in time for the pickers to arrived at 9am and having been briefed on the day ahead, work could begin. We harvested the Pinos first and a week later the Chardonnays, which was to be expected in light of the slightly different ripening rate of each. Inevitably the days raced by and in no time lines of baskets were gathering to be weighed and recorded at the end of each row before loading for transport to the winery where Dermot was anxiously waiting to start up the press.

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