2009 Archive – New Planting

May 7th, 2009

Today saw the planting of the next phase of English Oak Vineyard. 12 acres and 15,000 vines were mechanically planted to significantly increase our capacity. The team of contract planters from Germany began work at 8am and worked through until dusk to get the job done. The specialist equipment employed by Ernst and his team ensures accurate planting through the use of GPS guided tractors which create perfectly straight rows and diagonals across the vineyard. The planting platform opens a trench in the soils and then, fed by two operatives, it feeds the vines into the ground at precise intervals, determined by a wire which runs behind the tractor to a fixed point. A laser beam, projected between two points at the start and end of each row, sets the track down which the equipment travels, before it returns and the whole process begins again from the start of the next row. The Chardonnay vines, fresh in from France the day before and rested in the cool of the barn overnight, were planted first, followed by the Pinot Mernier and finally as the day drew to a close, the Pinot Noir. Below is a selection of images, which provide just a flavour of our momentous day.

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